10 facts about shipping and ocean freight

16 May 2018

10 Amazing Facts About Shipping

Shipping as prevalent today than it has ever been as the primary facilitator of world trade.

-  If all the containers in the world were to be lined up on one ship, that ship would stretch half way around the planet.

-  Shipping accounts for a mesmerising 90% of world trade.

- A ship engine has a stunning one-thousand times more power than a family car

- Germany, Japan and Greece have the world’s biggest fleets.

-  On average, only 2-10% of containers are actually inspected. 

- Shipping is still the greenest method of transport.

- At present, there are around 1.5 million sailors employed globally, with the Philippines producing the highest number of seafarers.

- At present, there are currently around 55,000 active merchant ships.

- The largest ships cost over US$200 million to construct.

-  Ocean Freight in manipulated by 12 carriers. The main ones are MSC, Maersk, Evergreen, CMA-CGM,China Shipping, Cosco,  o Hapag-Lloyd.

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