What mode of transportation is best for your freight?

22 Jun 2018

What transport method is best for cargo and freight?

Do you need to move your products and commodites to another country or continent?

Here we can show you the best option according to your business needs!

The transportation mode is an important fact consideration when planning your freight operations.

You can choose between Road  Freight Transportation, Ocean Freight Transportation and Air Freight Transportation according to your and your's clients specific business needs

These are the main factor to consider at cargo freight:

1. Transit Days and Time for Arrival

Air Freight Transportation includes the Quick Transit Transportation.

In a quick estimation, if an ocean freight transportation takes between 20-40 days, an air freight transportation will take between 1-10 days.

2. Loading Capacity

Definitely Ocean Freight Transportation is your best option. suitable for a wide range of products and large volumes and multiple carrier and containers options for the shippers and their commodities.

3. Enhanced Security and less risks

Nowdays, all modes of freight transportation have high security standards, nevertheless, Air Freight Transportation, is the mode of transportation with a enhanced security, followed by Ocean Freight Transportation.

4. Freight Transportation Budget

Ocean Freight Transportation is the economical mode of Middle and Long distances freight transportation, but as we told before, the cargo will take more days to arrive to the final destination. Also will depends en each carrier, some carriers can offer you less transit days (depending of the arrival port- POD), but with a higher cost.

Road Freight Transportation is cost- efectiveness for short distances or in the same geographical location.

5. Type of Commodity and Value

It will dependes on each type of commodity to select your best mode of freight transportation. For High- Valued Commodity,  Air Freight Transportation is the best option for it high enhanced security.

For large cargo volumes, the best option is Ocean Freight Transportation, you maye have many carriers and containers options according to your commodities and business needs.

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