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International Military and Strategic Cargo Shipping and Transport Logistics


It would seem that the simplest way to get a helicopter from point A to point B would be to fly it, but at times, this isn't realistic and the helicopters have to ship internationally across oceans.
International helicopter shipping and transport requires a huge amount of logistical strategy and resourcefulness ? and at times, a great deal of patience.

TFW was hired to ship a helicopter to Jebel Ali, UAE.

The big challenge was communication, coordinating all actions within. The company responsible for the maintenance of the helicopter was responsible for dismantling accoring to the instructions informed TFW. There were some technical visits until our load was complete, all steps were thought and planned in advance, since size and weight of each piece, the documentation for export shipping, how to transport the keys of helicopter, having in mind customs clearance at origin and destination need them , in short: there were many details!

The emirates client received a photographic report, the cargo arrived perfectly , on time and with the right documents to be released in Dubai!

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